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Georgia Man Arrested For Receiving 5 Pounds Of Weed By Mail

A Georgia man was arrested after attempting to get five pounds of marijuana delivered to his local Walgreens. The man ordered a large amount of weed from an unknown source and anticipated its arrival until law enforcement discovered the illegal shipment.

The Thomasville resident was expecting to receive his special package but was met by deputies from the Sheriff’s Office instead. According to WSB-TV, the delivery was compromised after the weed was detected in transit at a FedEx Shipping Center in Tallahassee, Florida. Drug agents then set up surveillance at the drop-box where the delivery was initially supposed to be completed.

The recipient, listed as Sebastian Juwon Courtney, never got to retrieve his mail, as officials immediately confiscated the controversial drug. However, while the man who went to pick up the package was arrested, his original plan for the copious amount of weed has not been undisclosed.

As legislation regarding weed consumption and sales constantly evolves, one can make the mistake of buying the drug from another state.

In Georgia, marijuana remains illegal for use, growth, and sales. Although many states allow the utilization of the drug for medicinal purposes, the Peach State maintains a more conservative outlook.

However, in Atlanta, the state’s most populous city as well as its capital, regulations regarding weed usage bend slightly. Although illegal statewide, the decriminalization of smoking the plant in small doses is recognized within city limits.

While Courtney was booked, the charges he faces for his misstep in obtaining the drug remain unknown to the public. However, staying up to date with all local, state, and national laws will ensure that one remains out of legal trouble regarding weed usage.

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