Trump, Giuliani, Freeman and Moss

Georgia Poll Workers Urge Court To Bar Rudy Giuliani From Further Defaming Them

This comes after Giuliani was slapped with a $148 million defamation ruling in another lawsuit by the two women.

Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss, accused by Rudy Giuliani of ballot fraud in 2020, filed a new lawsuit on Dec. 18 urging the court to bar the former Trump lawyer from repeating the debunked claims that upended their lives.

The filing cites Giuliani’s post-trial interviews doubling down on the conspiracy theories about the women, The Associated Press reported on Dec. 15. This came after Giuliani was slapped with a $148 million defamation ruling in another lawsuit by the two women. Giuliani faces fresh legal action seeking to muzzle his ongoing false attacks against two Georgia election workers. A political adviser for Giuliani declined to address the new litigation.

During emotional testimony on Dec. 15, Freeman and Moss described receiving violent racist threats that forced them into hiding after Giuliani promoted the fraud allegations. A judge previously found Giuliani liable for defaming them and on that same day a jury awarded the women $148 million in damages, BLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported.

Giuliani maintains he did nothing wrong and has vowed to appeal, despite admitting in court that his accusations against the women were public and false. However, his ability to actually pay such an enormous sum remains uncertain given his own precarious finances.

The former New York mayor currently faces a criminal investigation in Georgia tied to Trump’s efforts to overturn the state’s 2020 election results, which Giuliani was closely involved in. He has pleaded not guilty to state charges but the case threatens to compound his snowballing legal woes stemming from his work for the former president.

With Giuliani refusing to back down from his attacks on Moss and Freeman, the women are now fighting in court to force him to stop spreading claims that a jury found defamed them to a devastating degree. Moss and Freeman’s attorneys argued: “It must stop.” The comments “make clear that he intends to persist in his campaign of targeted defamation and harassment,” according to the news outlet. Their lawyers argue his ongoing falsehoods prove the need for judicial intervention to prevent further harm.

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