Georgia Republican Herschel Walker Flubs Fox News Interview

Georgia Republican Herschel Walker Flubs Fox News Interview

Georgia Republican Senate Candidate, Herschel Walker, conducted a pre-recorded interview with Fox News hoping to explain the controversies surrounding his campaign.

Instead, Walker, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, continued his pattern of confusing statements and allegations.

According to Raw Story, Fox News Host, Brian Kilmeade, noted the former USFL running back has not accepted a debate with his Democratic counterpart, Raphael Warnock. Kilmeade then asked Walker why he hasn’t committed to a debate scheduled for Oct. 16.

“One of the first things you have got to think about is a debate is for the people, not for any press or for any political party,” Walker said.

“He keeps talking about debates because he doesn’t want to talk about his terrible record.”

Kilmeade then transitioned to Walker’s children, asking the Republican candidate why he refused to publicly claim some of his children with whom he’s had limited contact.

“I’ve acknowledged my other kids,” Walker insisted.

“And the thing I didn’t acknowledge them here because my daughter, people have seen her at some of the functions I’ve been at.”

Walker then added, “My two youngest kids, I’m not going to acknowledge them because I don’t want them to be on any kind of scrutiny.”

The Fox host also brought up Walker’s false claims that he worked for the FBI and, in true Trump fashion, Walker indicated the issue was a simple misunderstanding of words.

“No, I never said I worked with the FBI,” Walker told Kilmeade.

“I said I worked with — I said I’ve been to the FBI, I’ve trained with the FBI, which I did.”

Walker has had several other gaffes during his short time as a Senate candidate, including his comments on China’s air, and a mist he touted as being able to kill COVID-19. One good thing for the Georgia Republican is that his opponent Warnock is dealing with some issues of his own. According to Business Insider, Warnock is currently leading the former Dallas Cowboy by nine points in the latest poll.