Georgia UPS Driver Delivers Kindness and the Blessing Is Returned This Holiday Season

Georgia UPS Driver Delivers Kindness and the Blessing Is Returned This Holiday Season

Amazon’s Ring, Google’s Nest, and other Internet-connected cameras have helped normalize American surveillance more than ever within the last year. From monitoring package deliveries to personal security, millions of people have felt more inclined to see what’s happening around their homes every second.

For Nest camera owner Jessica Kitchel, a standard delivery quickly became a miraculous moment, fitting for this holiday season. Her camera captured a seasonal UPS driver walking up to her door with a package. When he dropped it off, he turned to the camera saying, “If this is a ‘it’s a boy’ house, I hope all is going well with your newborn. I had a child at around the same time you guys did, I just hope everything is going good, God bless, and Happy Holidays,” as reported by WRBL.

Kitchel and her husband, Mack, live in Roswell, Georgia, with their daughter Charlie and newborn Chancy. Pleased by the kind message, the Georgia resident shared her experience on social media in hopes of finding the driver.

“It is really easy to focus on what isn’t going right, right now, with staffing storages but it was good to be reminded that there are still great people working hard every day for us! I really wish I knew his name but I hope he comes back and if he does there will be diapers waiting for him!” Kitchel wrote in an Instagram post.


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According to WRBL, the search lasted only just a few days. Through the power of social media, Kitchel was introduced to Dallan Harrell, a then-seasonal UPS driver. He explained that his message to the family was personal for him.

“For me, it was about bringing in a new life, it’s also a new experience, and now you’re solely dependent for another individual, so with me being in the realm, I’m a parent now, I just wanted to check on them,” Harrell explained to the news platform.

To their surprise, Kitchel and Harrell have continued to experience the wave of kindness from the community, including a large registry and a full-time job with UPS.