Get Connected

I am interested in pursuing a career as an entertainment lawyer. I am currently a 21-year-old junior majoring is criminal justice, with a minor in sociology. I am planning to attend law school, but I am having trouble finding internships to allow me to network and gain experience in the industry.
-N. Robertsonn, Jacksonville, FL

I don’t know if you’ve already checked, but your school does offer a variety of internship connections through its career services department. I would start there. Since you’re looking at law schools, consider those with strong entertainment law curriculums and societies. Also, consider joining the Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association ( This organization offers a variety of resources-including job postings, networking and internship opportunities, and several types of scholarships-to full-time students attending a variety of law schools including the University of North Carolina School of Law-_Chapel Hill, Emory, and Tulane.

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