Get Your Mind Right and Attract the Love You Deserve

Get Your Mind Right and Attract the Love You Deserve

Your mindset affects everything, from your finances to your health, and even your relationships.  Below are a few things to do to get your mind right so that you can attract the love you desire.


  • Stop wasting time with “Mr. Right Now.” You know who “Mr. Right Now” is…the guy you call when you’re feeling lonely and could use some company.  He’s not the one you see yourself with long-term, but he’ll do for now until “Mr. Right” comes along.  The truth is, Mr. Right may not show up simply because you’re wasting your time and energy on the wrong guy.  Know that you deserve more. Stop compromising and stay vigilant on finding your Mr. Right.
  • Let it go. You’ve been hurt before and don’t want to experience that again. Maybe you’re even dwelling on a past relationship, holding onto hope that he’s going to come to his senses and want you back.  It’s time to let it go.  Stop living in the past and reliving your past hurts. Identify the lessons that those relationships taught you about yourself as well as things you will do differently in your next one.  
  • Learn to wine and dine yourself. Spend some time loving on yourself. Take yourself out, learn something new.  Focus on showing up for yourself in all aspects of your life, and watch “Mr. Right” show up when you least expect it.
  • Remove “I don’t need a man” from your vocabulary. Yes, you’re independent, successful, and financially secure. In fact, it may even be true that you don’t need a man for those things. However, there’s no need to shout it on the rooftops. Allow yourself to be “helped” from time to time, at least with the small things. If he asks if you need help carrying those bags, say yes. Allow him to open your door. Make him feel needed.   
  • Step your game up. You say you want a man with 700+ credit score, yet your credit is shot.  You want a man who is driven, but you can’t commit to completing your own goals. If this is you, then it’s time to step your game up. Focus on self-improvement and then you will start to attract what it is that you desire.




This article was written by The BOSS Network Influencer, Alicia Bowens

Alicia Bowens is a visionary expert, an IT specialist, sought after speaker, author, coach, business owner, and radio host. She specializes in helping teen and single mothers achieve their dreams via her coaching programs, books, and workshops.

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