Get More Done By Learning to Automate Accounting and Finance In Excel

Get More Done By Learning to Automate Accounting and Finance In Excel

There’s barely any business in the modern world that doesn’t use Excel to some extent. The gold standard when it comes to storing and organizing data sets, companies from various industries use its many functions to do things like performing data entry, financial analysis, financial modeling, customer relationship management, and so much more. All you have to do is enter the information you need, activate functions, and Excel will do the rest for you.

Then again, there’s only so much knowledge of formulas can do. If you truly want to make the most out of spreadsheets, automation is the way to go. Excel University: Excel Automation Skills for Accounting & Finance Course Bundle can teach you how to control Excel like never before.

The courses are taught by Microsoft Certified Trainer Jeff Lenning CPA. This bundle will help you master accounting and finance with lessons revolving around Power Query, Power Pivot, Power BI, Macros and VBA. The first demonstrates how to use these features to build processes. Tailor processes to create reports and even chose the most effective charts and tables. You’ll also learn how to recall which tool is designed to get and transform data.

On the other hand, the second set of lectures is all about Macros and VBA. The latter of which is helpful in automating manual tasks. You’ll get to translate your actions into VBA code. This will allow you to complete tasks using Macros and automate generating reports to help save time.

Make the most out of what Excel can do with this 2-part course bundle. Usually $636, you can grab it on sale for only $29.99.

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