Get Your Startup in These Funding Programs, Now!

Get Your Startup in These Funding Programs, Now!

What better time than the end of the year to look for ways to give your startup a strong boost heading into the next? F6S–an online network of over 1.5 million tech founders, released its year-end list of funding programs, including incubators and accelerators that are open to founders to apply for funding and gaining access to other resources.

Here are a few of the top programs around the country:

1. SXSW Startup Village


Apply by: December 23

Starts: Dec 14-23

Where: San Antonio

For SXSW Startup Village’s Industrial Technology Pitch Competition, 15 startups with disruptive potential in the industrial space are selected for a pitch competition at SXSW in March 2017. Final winning teams will receive $50,000, pitch feedback, and other valuable business resources.

2. BoomStartup Winter 2017


Apply by: December 31

Where: Salt Lake City

BoomStartup selects 10 general technology companies for a 12-week intensive program. Selected startups receive seed investment, access to investors, office space, and over $100k of services, such as hosting, marketing, legal, and financial services.

3. INV Fintech Spring 2017


Apply by: December 31

Where: Brooklyn, NY

INV Fintech Spring 2017 helps fintech startups from around the world strive for greatness. The company “cultivates fintech ideas and innovation with the kind of seriousness required by the goal of comprehensive success.”

4. SKU


Apply by: February 1

Where: Austin

An Accelerator for Consumer Products sector startup, SKU offers a stipend as well as access to additional funding sources. In exchange, SKU receives a small equity stake (6-8%) in each company in a 12-15 week program.

5. Startup Runway Atlanta Spring 2017


Apply by: March 31

Where: Atlanta

Startup Runway Atlanta is seeking for-profit startups headquartered in the Southeast; are women- or minority-led; have at least $10K in monthly revenue or at least 1000 daily users; and have not raised money from an institutional investor or more than $100K from angels.

6. ZeroTo510 Medical Device Accelerator ’17


Apply by: March 6

Where: Memphis, TN

ZeroTo510 is a first-of-its-kind cohort-based medical device accelerator. The program offers an innovative curriculum, top-notch mentors, and seed funding to help you navigate the startup process, refine your business model, and take your medical device startup to the FDA 510(k) filing.

7. Fownders Accelerator 2017


Apply by: January 13

Where: Newark, NJ

Started by Gerard Adams, Fownders offers a 12-week program from January 16 to April 3. It funds up to $50,ooo per team. The curriculum includes: mindset, leadership, business development, traction, and pitching to investors. It focuses on social entrepreneurship and early-stage companies with traction, but is not limited to just those startups.


For FS6’s full list of funding and accelerator programs, click here.