Get The Most Out Of Your Mac With These 5 Award-Winning Apps

Get The Most Out Of Your Mac With These 5 Award-Winning Apps

Getting the most out of your Mac often means exploring outside the stock of pre-installed apps on macOS and the top charts of the App Store. Most of the best workflow, productivity, OS optimization and cyber security apps have been around for years, but they can be hard to find if you’re a first-time Mac user or if you’re not sure what you need.

To make your Mac experience a lot more seamless, we’ve put together the All-Star Bundle, a collection of five award-winning apps for a wide range of tasks like contact management, PDF navigation, cyber security, productivity and more. They’re all super easy to use, and available for only a limited time at just $49.99. Take advantage of this deal, which will only last a few weeks, to get $876 worth of apps for 94% off.

This bundle includes a 1-year subscription to the latest version of Parallels Pro (4.7/5 stars on Trustpilot), the software that lets you run thousands of Windows apps like Microsoft Office, Access, graphic-intensive games and CAD programs on your Mac, without rebooting or slowing it down. If you’re looking to get the most out of your Apple computer, then this software is the real deal.

Other deals in the bundle include a lifetime subscription to FastestVPN, a perpetual license to BusyContacts to help manage your calendars and contacts and Moho Debut to help you create Disney-style 2D movies, cartoons, stop motion, and cut-out animations. It also comes with the Movavi PDFChef, a handy app that lets you open, read, edit, create, and convert PDF files. These softwares will make your computer a better machine for work, recreation and everything in between.

The apps in the All-Star Mac Bundle have a total value of $876, but you can save 94% on this price when you get it here for $49.99. This discount is available for a limited time, just a few weeks, so jump on it fast. Since we’re all on our computers more often than ever, these apps just might make your life improve, and workday run a lot easier.

Prices subject to change.