Get Your Digital Life Straight For the New Year

Get Your Digital Life Straight For the New Year

Every year, many of us make the resolution to ramp up our productivity and get better organized and efficient. In other words, we plan to straighten up. With technology, it would seem such a simple thing to do.

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Yet, it isn’t. The problem is, there are so many apps and so many different ways, methods, and varying advice out there on how to clean your email inbox, manage your contacts and files, and on backing up your data.

Then time is spent scribbling to-do lists in disparate locations, tying ribbons around fingers and wrists trying to not forget important things you need to remember and, perhaps, checking email and calendars from different locations.

We looked around for the best apps for straightening out your digital life, and some very efficient Black Enterprise staffers shared their favorite apps for better, more organized digital living. Get started with these apps to clean up your digital (and real life)!:

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