Get Your Digital Life Straight for the New Year
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Get Your Digital Life Straight For the New Year

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Image: Dropbox

For File Management: Dropbox
(Free for up to 2GB of storage; iOS, Android, and desktop)
The entire editorial team at Black Enterprise uses Dropbox. It’s an online locker for files and documents. You can upload just about anything to it. Best of all, you can drop documents into your Dropbox folder on your work PC and access them from a home computer (or one from anywhere in the world). Plus, as you make changes to files, Dropbox synchronizes those changes across any device with which you use Dropbox.

Dropbox is very easy to get started with as it has a very intuitive user interface. And you don’t have a real learning curve managing documents with it, because the apps you would normally use to work on a document (Microsoft Word, for example, for Word docs) are launched from Dropbox when you open a file to edit.

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