Getting Ahead

I’m a 27-year-old college graduate who can’t secure a full-time job. I’ve temped in the fields of administration and data-entry, since I have some experience there. Unfortunately, some of the full-time staffers I encounter are resistant and exude a competitive nature toward me and have even refused to train me to perform my duties, because I am highly competent and perform efficiently. How do I handle myself in these situations? –Anonymous, New York
What you are experiencing is unfortunate; however, this is just one of the life obstacles you will encounter throughout your professional career. Those hesitant to teach you are actually green-eyed monsters testing your persistence to achieve the goals you seek.

No one likes to feel threatened, but how you react to it could be the difference between being offered a full-time position or not.

One thing they can’t control is the expertise you bring to these companies. Find other avenues to learn the tasks and responsibilities, whether through Internet training courses or from a mentor relationship or networking contact you’ve established. Furthering your skill set by going back to school to get another degree or a specialty certificate is an also option. This way, you won’t be solely dependent on the company’s in-house training.

Be above the animosity. Focus on the overall assignment at hand, which is establishing yourself and beginning your career. Read What’s Really Holding You Back? (WaterBrook Press; $13.99) by Valorie Burton. —
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