Girl, Bye! Fans Defend Lizzo After Candace Owens Calls Women ‘Bats—t Insane’ for Calling the Singer “Beautiful”

It must be hard to have people upset just because you exist.

Lizzo caught stray bullets on social media from Candace Owens. The conservative analyst took to Twitter to randomly give her opinion on people who call the Grammy-award winning singer “beautiful.”

Health trainer Gina Bontempo tweeted a picture of Lizzo in her birthday suit to talk about celebrities “glorifying” obesity. “Obesity is on the rise and yet women are told by celebrities and the media that being obese is normal and “healthy,” Bontempo said. “You never see them try this with men. Only women are insecure enough to fall for it.”

Owens stepped in to give her take, claiming “only women could be fooled into supporting a death cult of “fat acceptance” and attacking members of the trans community.

The attack didn’t stop there. The talk show host doubled down on her comments and called women who uplift the “Truth Hurts” singer “bats*** insane.” “Men do not lie to other men in this way. They do not pretend that clinical obesity is beauty.”

Owens should have known better as Lizzo fans don’t take too kindly to disrespect. They immediately jumped to her defense on Twitter and Instagram, as Hollywood Unlocked posted screenshots of the engagement. One Twitter user thought Owens speaking on this case was ironic in itself.

On IG, fans commented the fact that “size has nothing to do with beauty.” “Lizzo is beautiful,” the comment said.

The rhetoric continues on social media. The Yitty co-founder is unbothered and continues to promote body positivity. This week, she announced her Self-Esteem Project with Dove, that will help young people find safe spaces on social media and protect their mental health.