Girl Power Hour Highlights Entrepreneurs Roads to Success

On Friday, April 29, at 11 A.M. EDT, Co-Founder and CEO of Miss Jessie’s L.L.C., Miko Branch, along with Founder of Boss Network, Cameka Smith, and master marketer and co-star of Oxygen’s Quit Your Day Job, Lauren Maillian, will be featured on Black Enterprise’s Entrepreneur Summit Radio, powered by Girl Power Hour discussing the ins-and-outs of entrepreneurship.

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With topic “Road to Success, My Journey,” each of these successful entrepreneurs will share their expertise and insight in hopes of relating to and inspiring you. recently had an opportunity to chat with each of these ladies about how they do what they do.

Smith heavily utilizes social media to her entrepreneurial benefit. “Social media has been the life-blood of my brand,” she stated. “When you’re starting your business you might not have clients or customers coming out of the gate but social media is a great way to build an audience that may be interested in your service or product. Be sure to have great content around your brand.”

Many entrepreneurs are afraid that they don’t possess the tools or access to really succeed in business, Branch offers: “You don’t need privileges or degrees. We didn’t have MBAs and we didn’t get bank loans or find angel investors. What we had was a seed of an idea and a solid foundation of family and influences to learn from and observe.”

Other aspiring entrepreneurs may question if the road to business ownership is really for them. Maillian offers her expertise: “People ask me all the time: ‘Are entrepreneurs born or made?’ In a lot of instances, people are born an entrepreneur. There are certain traits that make someone a great entrepreneur. For instance, they can be a resilient businessperson, and keep themselves motivated. Those are character traits that are not teachable skills.”

These ladies obviously have a ton to offer. Hear more advice, strategies, tips, and testimonials from these ladies Friday, April 29 at 11 A.M. EDT. Black Enterprise’s Entrepreneur Summit Radio, powered by Girl Power Hour.

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