Giving Your All

I am the mother of two boys; one is autistic. Although I work full time, my passion is talking to people about autism and how it has affected me. Currently, I offer my services at a center for teenagers with autism. My husband asks that I find a way to do this and still to keep my job. Can you offer some suggestions?
–T. Frazier, Via the Internet

While your heart is clearly filled with compassion for others impacted by this disease, your husband wants to ensure that your family remains financially stable. Keep an eye out for employment at an organization or facility dedicated to autism, but in the meantime, limit the time commitment of your volunteer services so you don’t become overwhelmed with obligations from there, home, and work.

Also, identify ways to make an impact, at your leisure such as writing articles and/or blogs about autism and related issues. If you haven’t already, reach out to organizations such as the Autism Society of America (

In addition, there is a Website created by an African American family raising an adolescent child with autism. Their site,, offers a wealth of resources about the disorder including information specific to African Americans. Reach out to parents Wanda and Marlon Brown for additional information on how they launched their labor of love; you may be able to do the same.