Glam University’s Girl Power Sleepover Empowers Female Entrepreneurs

Glam University’s Girl Power Sleepover Empowers Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

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We would like to thank our Girl Power Sleepover experts: Zane, New York Times best-selling author; Maja Sly; Munson Steed; Karen Civil, author and media mogul; Steve Canal; Lisa Cunningham; Kandace Marie of My Fair Sweets; Dr. Jackie Walters; Jewel Tankard; Missy Koefod, CEO of 18.21 Bitters; Mahisha Dellinger, CEO and founder of CURLS; Imagine Media; Mz. Skittlez, owner of Cupcake Mafia; Alex Hayden of Boss Babe Inc.; Miasha Coleman, best-selling author; Michelle Alexander of General Motors; Tahira Wright, co-founder of The Cut Life; Chanita Foster, founder of Beyond The Game; Dr. Chyna Bethley; Stormy Wellington; and Arnita Johnson, CEO of Luxurious Credit.

We would like to thank our Girl Power Sleepover sponsors: Lint, Jola’s Joyful Events, MillerCoors, Design Essentials, CURLS, Queen Virgin Remy, Rolling Out, Upscale Magazine, Get Focused, and Skinned.

“I am so grateful to all of my experts, sponsors, and most importantly the lovely ladies who attend my sleepovers. With this being our third, it never ceases to amaze me to see the Girl Power Sleepover’s growth and development. Saturday was a ‘bucket list’ moment I thought I would only dream of, and to have an icon such as Sophia Amoruso come to Atlanta for the first time just to support Glam University, our mission, and to share her personal journey with aspiring female leaders, is the true definition of ‘Girl Power.’ With last night being such a major success my brain wheels are already turning, so stay tuned for the Girl Power Sleepover 4!” Sabrina Peterson states. Click here for more info about the Girl Power Sleepover., visit

Photo Credit: Treehouse Photo Studio