Global Tech Leaders of the Diaspora: 10 African Innovators to Watch In 2016
Black Enterprise magazine Fall 2019 issue

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Clinton Dale Mutambo

As technology continues to connect the world, innovators in business, ICT, development and other areas of the industry are tapping into savvy visions and expertise to improve the lives of those in their communities. Africa continues to be an emerging economy with growth potential and action on the ground that is putting the continent at the forefront of world progress. Though there are still challenges, these leaders are taking matters into their own hands, changing the way Africa does business and bridging gaps between its consumers and the world at large.

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ZIMBABWE: Clinton Dale Mutambo, Founder,

Mutambo created, a Web platform that connects African traders to businesses in neighboring countries via a cross-border online marketplace.

“I’m an Afro Optimist driven by a passion to make a difference, both on the continent and globally,” he writes on his profile. “As a part of Africa’s cheetah generation, I have a string of entrepreneurial endeavors behind me. I see the Internet and mobile communication as unrivaled enablers of economic growth and development.”

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