#TBH: What Every Parent Needs To Know About Popular Hashtags

#TBH: What Every Parent Needs To Know About Popular Hashtags

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Trying to decipher teenage lingo can be a little exhausting for parents. It can be a totally bewildering experience just eavesdropping on a teenagers phone call.

But if you stumble across a conversation on social media, chances are you’ll feel like you need to hire a cryptologist.

Words or acronyms can take a whole new meaning with a hashtag slapped in front of it. They also help social network users on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook, generate or join a specific conversation on that topic.

Toni Birdsong on McAfee.com writes, “In the world of teen communication, however, a hashtag can provide valuable insight and emotional red flags for a parent . . . if that parent is paying attention.”

And if you’re like a lot of other parents out there, completely lost when they grab their teenager’s cell phone or iPad, BlackEnterprise.com has got you covered. Here’s what we know:

#WCW= Woman Crush Wednesday

#MCM= Man Crush Monday

#OOTD= Outfit of the Day

#TBT= Throwback Thursday

#FBF= Flashback Friday

#FOE= Family Over Everything

#MOTD= Makeup of the Day

#TBH= To Be Honest

#TT = transformation Tuesday, losing weight, change of appearance

#OTF= Only the family