Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson Launches CBD Brand, Just Live

Four professional athletes have launched a performance CBD product that offers an alternative way to relieve pain, according to a press release.

Basketball player Klay Thompson, soccer star Alex Morgan, action sports and motocross star Travis Pastrana, and skateboarder Paul Rodriguez have come together to launch the CBD brand, Just Live. The four athletes are teaming up to provide fitness enthusiasts of all levels with natural, fully transparent, and completely compliant alternatives to painkillers for sports and fitness recovery.

As athletes, we experience not only unexpected serious injuries but also everyday physical wear and tear. I’m a strong believer in natural forms of recovery and pain relief rather than depending on painkillers that only temporarily numb the pain yet have long term side effects on my mind and body. I’ve been recovering and rehabbing for months since my injury and have relied on CBD because it’s been effective in the immediate and safe for my long term recovery, both physically and mentally. I’m proud to be the first active NBA player allowed to partner with and launch a CBD brand and it’s my hope that by introducing Just Live my co-founders and I can create global awareness around a natural way to live your life healthy and free of pain,” said Thompson, a star for the Golden State Warriors, in a written statement.

“My knee injury really brought the painkiller topic to light for me. I found myself looking forward to the next time I could take another pill and I started to think ‘there has to be a better way.’ We’ve launched Just Live for anyone looking for a safe and natural solution to pain relief in order to perform, or just live, better,” Rodriguez said.

“As an athlete and a new mom, I am very focused on a healthy, natural lifestyle. CBD has been an important recovery tool for me for some time now and I’m excited to launch Just Live to provide athletes of all levels with a natural solution to pain and recovery,” Morgan said.

The Just Live products are formulated with clean, responsibly sourced ingredientsy and all are THC-free. Initial products include Just Live Roll-On Freeze, Broad Spectrum Drops, Deep Sleep Capsules, Vegan Softgels, and high potency Daily Vitamin C Gummies. 

Just Live product pricing starts at $29.99. Products are available for purchase on Also, visit @jslv on Instagram and Twitter, and @Just Live on Facebook for more information.