Golf & Tennis Challenge: What to Expect at PGA National Resort & Spa

Black Enterprise has had the pleasure of hosting the Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge at the PGA National Resort & Spa in West Palm Beach, Florida, for a number of years. Not only has it been a pleasure for Black Enterprise but for hundreds of Golf & Tennis Challenge attendees who have been fortunate enough to enjoy the many amenities the PGA National Resort & Spa has to offer.

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If you ask four different people what their favorite aspect of the PGA National is, you’ll likely be met with four completely different answers. One may be enamored by the spa packages while another may prefer the dining experiences. One may prefer the pools and lounging while another may be all about the golfing. Whatever your preference is, to relax or play, the PGA National Resort & Spa will provide precisely what you need. was afforded the opportunity to talk with Senior Vice President of Sales and Market Development of the PGA National Resort & Spa, David Fine. He discussed the long-lasting and flourishing relationship between the Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge and the extraordinary resort. Black Enterprise has a long history with PGA National Resort & Spa. Can you tell us a little about your relationship with Black Enterprise? How has it thrived? How did it come about?

Fine: The PGA National had the pleasure of hosting the first Black Enterprise Challenge over 21 years ago. It is my understanding that the program did so well after the second year, that it outgrew the facility and moved south to Doral (which hosted the program for a significant number of years).

I had the pleasure of meeting the Black Enterprise team while at Doral where I was vice president of sales, and Joel Paige also worked with the group as managing director. Walton Capital, the PGA National Owner Group, brought Joel on board here at PGA National several years ago as president and managing director.

I’ve been affiliated with this great resort for the past five years.  It’s been one of our greatest sources of pride to welcome Black Enterprise back to PGA National Resort & Spa – for three years now. And we hope to enjoy many more years of patronage. We are so glad to see Black Enterprise has found a home in the Palm Beaches and our fine resort.

For those returning to the Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge at the PGA National Resort & Spa this year, what’s new?

We have made several enhancements to the facility in the last year, including our new suite product, a lobby enhancement, the magnificent new iDeck rooftop patio dining area, and a state-of-the-art Sports & Racquet Club that will be brand new upon your group arrival.

What does the PGA National Resort & Spa offer that sets you guys apart from anyone else?

I like to think the friendly and attentive nature of our staff sets us apart. We work very hard to create a championship experience for our guests in a genuine and sincere way that is hard to replicate. We also offer a very significant recreation and meeting platform in a destination that is world-class.
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