GONE TOO SOON: Rapper Young Thug’s Son’s Mother, LaKevia Jackson, Gunned Down Over Bowling Ball In Atlanta

Gun violence claimed the life of Rapper Young Thug’s son’s mother on Thursday night outside of an Atlanta bowling alley. 

According to TMZ, LaKevia Jackson, 31, was at the Metro Fun Center for her best friend’s party and argued with a man, also attending the shindig, over a bowling ball. 

The suspect reportedly hung back for 20 minutes to shoot the LaKevia while she was leaving. Tori Cooper, an Atlanta reporter, posted the news on Twitter after speaking to the victim’s mother.

I just spoke to LaKevia Jackson’s mom. She says LaKevia went to her best friend’s birthday @ bowling alley, a fight over the bowling ball happened, then the suspect waited 20 mins in the parking lot for LaKevia before he shot her while she was leaving. Her mom gave me this pic.”

Cooper also reported that LeKevia and Young Thug’s son, Kyvion Jackson, 14, is devastated by his mom’s tragic death. LaKevia’s mother detailed that the rapper and his former partner met before he became a celebrity.

“LaKevia’s mother just told me that rapper Young Thug is the father of her 14-year-old grandson, Kyvion Jackson. They met before he was famous while they were both living in the same apt. complex. [Her] grandson, “Isn’t doing well” she gave me this pic of him & LaKevia.”


Atlanta Police Department Homicide Commander Lt. Ralph Woolfolk spoke with CBS46 on Friday morning, “This is truly an atrocity. A young lady has lost her life over a bowling ball. We talk about conflict-resolution time and time again, and this is an escalated dispute, so we will work this case through the night, and we will find the person responsible.” 

“We know who [you] are, so go ahead and turn yourself in.”

Police have not arrested the suspect.

​​Fans of the rapper expressed their condolences, disbelief and prayers on Twitter. 

LaKevia’s death was senseless and further reiterates why it’s essential to protect Bllack women. In October, The Guardian posted a sobering study that revealed four Black women are murdered daily.

Our prayers go out to her family.