5 Reasons We Do Not Need A ‘Good Times’ Movie

5 Reasons We Do Not Need A ‘Good Times’ Movie

In case you haven’t heard, the 70s television show, ‘Good Times,’ is being made into a motion picture for the big screen. The script will be written by Phil Johnston, who wrote ‘Wreck-It-Ralph’ and will be produced by Scott Rudin.

As reported at Moviefone, the 70s themed show will, this time, be set for the radical 60s. Who knows what will be the tone of the movie and how it will portray the characters we’ve come to know and love.

I’m sure many of you reading this may think it’s not a good idea to rehash a show like Good Times and you are in good company if you think so.

Venture over to The Urban Daily to see why they feel we don’t need a ‘Good Times’ movie.