Google Helping The Homeless Through Charity Groups
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

google campus

Google's pretty hush about its search algorithm, which it constantly adjusts to keep spammers from gaming the system.

Google’s presence in San Francisco has created a tech-based elitism that permeates the city, and has caused tensions to rise between tech employees and native San Francisco residents.

According to the Brookings Institution, San Francisco’s gap between the rich and poor is ranked second in America.

The search giant is attempting to purchase some goodwill, however, through a donation to various homelessness organizations throughout the Bay area.

According to Reuters, (the company’s philanthropy organization) is making a $2 million donation to three organizations geared toward aiding the homeless.

HandUp, Hamilton Family Center, and Larkin Street Youth Services are the three groups receiving funds from the company.

Hamilton Family Center, which is receiving a million dollars from Google, is using its donation to give homeless families space in shelters.

Larkin Street Youth Services is using its $500,000 to provide training for college and preparatory classes.

“The timing couldn’t be better for Google’s transformational gift as we have recently expanded the range of services we provide to homeless youth, including expanded education and job training through our Larkin Street Academy,” said Vice-Chair of Larkin Street Youth Services Board of Directors, Terry Kramer. “The needs have never been greater of our homeless youth with the opportunity to make a life changing difference never better.”

HandUp, which raises money for homeless through a crowdfunding-style program, is using its money to encourage user donations, with the funds being matched by Google. “Google’s generous support will directly fund urgent needs for HandUp members like employment, medical, and housing expenses,” said Meghan Murphy, who coordinates HandUp’s marketing and community outreach. “Combined with the support of HandUp donors, together as a community we can make a difference for the 36,000 people experiencing homelessness in the Bay Area.”

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