8 Google Reader Replacements

8 Google Reader Replacements

RIP Google Reader, one of the best feeds known to man. Google announced on Wednesday that it will be shutting down several services, including its well-known Google application which allows users to aggregate their web content within one location.

In an age where Facebook and Twitter rule the way people consume content, the company cited declining usage as the reason for the shut down. And although the product has a loyal following, Google Reader will officially shut down on July 1.

While there is no replacing Google Reader, here’s a list of platform alternatives that will make the transition period a little easier:


Google Readers may fund the interface of this free RSS reader a bit weird, but it merges the organizational attributes of Google’s software with a newspaper feel. Gizmodo‘s Eric Limer notes “desktop-wise it runs in Chrome and Firefox via extensions and in addition to standard Android and iOS apps; you can also find it on Kindle.” This option will make for a seamless transition.


The Google Reader-esque web app is available on their site, and, for mobile users, it has an Android app and iOS versions for the iPhone and iPad. An unlimited subscription is only $1; but if you want the service for free, it’ll max out at 64 feeds.

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