GOP Makes Black Republicans a Priority in June

GOP Makes Black Republicans a Priority in June

From Uptown Magazine

The Republican National Committee couldn’t contain itself on announcing the dedication of Frederick Douglass’ statue in the Capitol Hill Rotunda, quick to make first dib claims on the legendary abolitionist’s Republican roots.

In a bizarre first, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) actually spoke publicly about another African American. So-called “listening sessions” with community leaders kicked off in Cleveland, OH. And RNC Chair Reince Priebus (whose name oddly conjures up strange inflections of a 1990s rapper) found his way onto the Tom Joyner Show alongside the normally boisterous Roland Martin who asked cookie-cutter ‘why-Republicans-hate-Black-folks’ questions as Joyner and Sybil Wilkes gawked on. The transcript, frankly, doesn’t do a whole lot of justice for anyone who was there.

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