Mark Robinson, transgender, bathroom, North Carolina

Opinion: North Carolina GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Robinson Continues To Disrespect Notable Women

North Carolina GOP gubernatorial candidate Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has captured the attention of the party’s supporters for his stance on issues ranging from LGBTQ+ rights to gun laws. The current lieutenant governor has garnered scrutiny and support for his ideas about the role of women in both the workplace and at home. However, it seems his feelings extend much further than just traditional gender roles, the Huffington Post reports.

Robinson has spent the last few years openly ridiculing, disrespecting, and demeaning public figures, many of whom are women, the outlet reports.

“The Obamas continue to linger, like the stench of human waste that fouls the air and assaults the nostrils,” he said in a Facebook post where he also referred to former first lady Michelle Obama as “an angry, anti-American communist Black lady.”

Robinson spouted common GOP talking points regarding reproductive rights in a post about Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Kamala Harris is a leftist idiot who is fearful that the “right” to MURDER the unborn will be threatened if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed,” he said. “She’s part of the unhinged and out-of-touch wing that dominates the Democratic Party. She should quit trying to kill the unborn and go home to California and clean up the mess there.”

His ire extends from the realm of politics to the larger world of celebrities but remains pointed in his criticism of successful women.

“I can assure you, the stench of indecency Americans are smelling is NOT coming from Pepe Le Pew,” Robinson said. “It’s coming from the garbage like filth displayed by Cardi B.” The “Bodak Yellow” rapper is not the only successful woman caught in Robinson’s crossfire as he’s gone after everyone from Issa Rae to Oprah via posts with equally aggressive language.

Still Robinson remains a frontrunner in the crowded North Carolina governor race due partly to his controversial stances on core issues, per The Huffington Post. In post-Trump America, GOP supporters rally behind candidates they feel are fearless in their talking points about liberal agendas.

“He represents the culture war id of the Republican Party,” said Steven Greene, a political science professor at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.