Gospel Singer Kim Burrell Faces Backlash After Calling Out ‘Broke,’ ‘Ugly’ Congregation Members

Gospel Singer Kim Burrell Faces Backlash After Calling Out ‘Broke,’ ‘Ugly’ Congregation Members

Gospel singer Kim Burrell is facing backlash after her recent guest appearance at a church where she decided to call out the “broke” and “ugly” people that churchgoers should avoid.

Burrell has been trending for the wrong reasons after a Twitter user posted a clip of Burrell speaking to the Kingdom City Church during a guest appearance.

“And THIS is why people don’t go to Church. There was no Jesus in this,” the Twitter user captioned the two-minute clip.

The award-winning gospel singer encouraged churchgoers to “choose up” and find value when selecting friends and partners during her speech.

“Sometimes, before we get friends, we have to do an interview: How long you been broke? How many times have you changed your name on your light bill?” Burrell said.

“How many of your bills are in your little cousin’s name? Do you live in a trailer home or a house?”


Burrell continued to blast those who might put bills in their “little cousin’s name” or those who might “live in a trailer or a house.”

Elsewhere, Burrell shouted out those who were “walking by faith” by not wearing a face mask or being vaccinated. She also told the church to invite her back if they could afford her, noting that she wasn’t “that expensive.” Burrell also jokingly told the church to use their PPP loan.

“I don’t know maybe you got a little left from your PPP loan. Prayer, Praise and Power.. you understand,” she quipped.

Later she called out people who are “ugly” inside and out.

“I haven’t chosen anyone to be ugly yet. God is good. God is great,” Burrell said. “You all look great. Most of you have on hats covering most of that anyway. Here’s to you.”

The congregation appeared taken aback by Burrell’s seemingly harsh message to the church. But Black Twitter showed Burrell no mercy. Many criticized Burrell for coming off judgmental and lacking any “anointing” in her message.

“Not a lick of anointing coming through the mouth,” one user wrote.

“I don’t understand how you consider saying this as preaching, like you knew you were gonna say this and thought yeah the Lord is definitely gonna agree with this,” added someone else.

Amid the criticism, Burrell posted an apology to those offended by her remarks that were made “in jest,” That Grape Juice reports.

“As a kingdom citizen and a woman of integrity, I can acknowledge that some of my words, even if said in jest can be offensive,” she wrote in a post. “My intention is never to hurt anyone but to spread love, laughter and more importantly, the gift which God has given me in song.”

“If anyone was offended I can sincerely say I apologize,” she added.

Burrell also threatened legal action against those posting “mistruths” about the gospel singer.

“I will apologize if anyone thought that my humor was malicious,” she wrote. “But I will not under any circumstances tolerate harassment, slander, or for my character to be defamed.”

Burrell is no stranger to backlash. In 2017, she faced cancellation after making homophobic comments during a sermon. At the time, Burrell was banned from the Ellen Degeneres Show after she called out “the perverted homosexual spirit” during a sermon at a church in Houston, BBC reports.