Governor-Elect Wes Moore Challenges Graduates of Morgan State University To ‘Take Risks’

Commencement speakers across the country have graced the stages this fall, helping students close out a chapter of their journeys to embark on new ones.

Tuere Marshall accepts her 1,000 doctoral degree from Morgan State University’s president, David Wilson. (Photo courtesy of Morgan State University)

Nearly 500 students were greeted by Governor-Elect Wes Moore on Friday December 16, when he stood to give the Fall Commencement Address at Morgan State University for their graduating class of 2022.

According to Fox Baltimore, Moore’s speech celebrated everyone represented in the room.

“Morgan State represents the very best of our state, and indeed, our country,” Moore said. “Founded during reconstruction, committed to social justice and academic excellence, you have been strengthened by strivers who came here with dreams and left with a plan.”

The Governor-Elect told the graduates of their new role as part of the continuation of the university’s legacy.

During his speech, Moore recognized various collectives at the university including faculty, staff, family members, and students who were set to join the United State Armed Forces, the Divine Nine and other groups.

Before concluding, he challenged the university’s fall graduates with two guideposts he holds fast to.

“I want to share two lessons I’ve learned along my journey. two guideposts that I hope will be useful as you forge your own path,” Moore said. “The first is prove the right people right, and the second is to take risks with courage and intention.”

Moore shared with the students the value of energy and time, advising them not to waste time on those who root against their success.

“The legacy you leave will reflect how well you understood the assignment. I am excited for you as you begin that work. I celebrate you and salute you,” Moore added.

Moore closed out his address to the graduates by reminding them that even with their studies at Morgan State University coming to an end, their work is not done.