Grand Jury Indicts Former Texas Corrections Officer Accused of Shooting Black Inmate In the Back, Killing Him

Grand Jury Indicts Former Texas Corrections Officer Accused of Shooting Black Inmate In the Back, Killing Him

Isaiah Garcia, a former corrections officer for the Hays County Sheriff’s Office in Texas was indicted last Friday by a grand jury on felony deadly conduct charges in the death of Joshua Leon Wright.

KSAT reported that Garcia allegedly shot Wright, 36, in the back multiple times after a fight broke out at Seton Hospital last December. Wright was receiving treatment at the medical facility when, after Garcia removed handcuffs for Wright to use the bathroom, he suddenly tried to escape.

Garcia, who was guarding Wright, then allegedly shot and killed him.

Hays County Criminal District Attorney, Kelly Higgins, claimed evidence presented by investigators determined the severity of the charges. “After hearing the evidence, the grand jury determined that the offense of Deadly Conduct was the most appropriate charge,” Higgins said. Texas Rangers presented findings from their investigation to the grand jury, including video from Garcia’s body cam.

The victim was incarcerated for numerous charges, including reckless driving, criminal mischief, and evading arrest. Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas (CLEAT), the largest police officers’ union in the state, claim Wright was wielding a weapon when the fight happened.

Legal counsel representing the Wright family, Chevo Pastrano, said the victim was shot at least six times, based on information presented from an independent autopsy. His family also released a statement, with the support of civil rights attorney, Ben Crump, stating, “The family of Joshua Wright is relieved by news of this indictment, as it gets us one step closer to ensuring that former officer Garcia will be held accountable for his deadly actions,” the statement read, according to Hays Free Press News Dispatch.

“It is crucial that when officers act violently and against protocol, that they and the departments that train them are held responsible for their actions to ensure that these killings stop happening.”

Garcia’s charges carry a potential punishment of a maximum of ten years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.