Graphic Footage Shows Heated Exchange and Person Of Interest in Moments Leading to Takeoff’s Death

Graphic Footage Shows Heated Exchange and Person Of Interest in Moments Leading to Takeoff’s Death

New graphic footage shows the heated exchange that led to rapper Takeoff being fatally shot in Houston. Video also shows someone with a firearm that police have named as a person of interest.

Eyewitness video taken at around 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday shows the moment Migos member Quavo in a verbal spat with another person while standing outside 810 Billiards & Bowling in downtown Houston, TMZ reports.

Quavo can be heard arguing with someone while Takeoff is seen standing a few feet behind him. The discussion appears to be about playing basketball, when someone believed to be Quavo says “I don’t get down like that!”

The next moment a single gunshot was heard that sent the crowd fleeing. Soon a fleet of gunshots was heard from what sounded like more than one firearm. In total, about 10 shots were fired from two firearms, cops say

A melee ensued with eyewitnesses fleeing in every direction. A coroner’s report has since confirmed that Takeoff was killed by shots to the head and torso.

Police are reviewing another video that shows a man dressed in black, with a black satchel and a handgun in his right hip pocket. Police have identified this man as a person of interest.

Video shows Quavo walk behind the man seconds before gunshots were fired. There’s nothing in the video that proves the man fired the first shot, but he is seen about five seconds later raising his weapon and seemingly firing it.

It remains unclear where Takeoff or Quavo were standing in relation to the man at that moment the shots were fired.

Takeoff’s attorney have released statements in wake of the rapper’s death condemning violence.

“Along with my firm, I am devastated by the tragic death of Kirshnik Ball, known to his fans as Takeoff,” attorney Drew Findling said in a statement.

“Takeoff was not only a brilliant musical artist with unlimited talent, but also a uniquely kind and gentle soul.

“He will be greatly missed now and always.”