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Green Giving

href=”” target=”_blank”>Carbon Offsets ($100-$960)

recyclegreenBuy carbon offsets in a recipient’s name to offset pollutants caused by their holiday travel. offers gift cards to offset carbon emissions of individuals and are used toward renewable energy and other environmentally friendly projects.

Sustainable Home Décor (Prices Vary)

vivavichairConsider sustainable home goods for those who love to redecorate. Vivavi and Anna Sova offer stylish yet eco-friendly furniture and home furnishings. Give Anna Sova’s organic sheets and towels a try, and accent your home with Vivavi’s modern green furniture.

One Brown Girl tote ($12)
Instead of grabbing a plastic bag at the corner market or local grocery store, pack your One Brown Girl bag and display your pride at being an environmentally conscious Brown Girl. As the Brown Girl behind the company says, “it’s important to modify some of our behaviors in order to combat the negative effects of global warming and take care of our very fragile planet.”