Grifter or Nah? Shaun King Lives It Up In Luxe Jersey Estate While Begging For Money For His Wife

Grifter or Nah? Shaun King Lives It Up In Luxe Jersey Estate While Begging For Money For His Wife

Transracial activist Shaun King is moving on up. The controversial “advocate” has left the hustle and bustle of New York and moved to his new luxury home in New Jersey. 

According to the Daily Mail, the lavish five-bedroom, four-bathroom home that sits on Farrington Lake came with a hefty price tag of $842,000. The news outlet reported that King bought the house last November.

The stately abode’s purchase comes when King has been accused of grifting Black folks in the fight for social justice, stealing money, lying about his racial identity and abusing Black women. 

In 2019, a lengthy exposé by the Daily Beast revealed a long, salacious history of money disappearing or not being accounted for in various efforts, including Haiti and Black Lives Matter. 

The publication came back with more receipts of King’s sinister and shady behavior in 2020. 

Imani Grandy broke down the now-defunct hustle of King’s North Star media project on a Twitter thread. The project promised to be the second coming for Black media. King didn’t deliver there either.


King’s antics don’t stop there.  

Tamir Rice’s mom, Samaria, didn’t mince words when she called King a “clout chaser” after raising $60,000 in honor of her son. The still-grieving mother lambasted the wayward activist stating that she didn’t receive the money until a court intervened on her behalf. She also didn’t permit him to raise money on her family’s behalf. 

In July, King came under fire on social media after he said he was taking a sabbatical from social media. He deleted his Twitter account and made his Instagram private. The sabbatical didn’t stop the hustler from soliciting donations for his wife for no reason at all.


In that same month, screenshots emerged of King allegedly leveling up his beggar’s act globally. King’s Facebook status reportedly targeted his followers and fans in the Caribbean and Canada.


With the news of King’s palatial purchase hitting the news, Twitter users are yet– again raising valid questions about his finances.


King has yet to respond.