5 Quick Steps to Ensure You Look Like a Boss

5 Quick Steps to Ensure You Look Like a Boss

It’s a man’s world when it comes to the corporate and business arenas. But with women dominating college campuses, starting their own businesses, and landing jobs in the swankiest of top offices, we’re starting to see more balance. As women continue to shatter glass ceilings, be mindful of these simple grooming and appearance tips to keep us on the fast and steady track to job equality!

1. Keep your nails and hands done at all times. It will really polish your look and show that you take pride in detail. The climate of your job setting will determine if you can wear colorful polish or if you should stick to clear and neutrals. If the environment is creative, like in the art or entertainment industry, you’ll probably have freedom to play with your look. If it’s stiff and formal, however, avoid loud colors and keep your nails at a short to mid length to be safe.

2. Be mindful of your perfumes and fragrances. No one wants to take meetings with the lady who’s guaranteed to trigger an allergy attack because of her strong floral scent. Skip the smell goods or go with one that is ultra light so you don’t disturb your colleagues.

3. Make sure your hair is always clean and neat. Kept hair says that you not only value yourself, but that you also value the company you’re representing. Like you would with nails, note the setting you work in before trying out new cuts and colors. Keep ends trimmed as well! Split ends devalue your whole look.

4. Invest in proper attire. Nothing says “I’m here and I mean business” like a well suited woman. Find the right balance between loose and fit. You don’t want your clothes hanging off, because it looks unflattering. But you don’t want them too tight either because it reads inappropriate. Make a statement and definitely incorporate your own flair when you can, but make sure your head-to-toe outfit matches the brand. If you have any doubt when you look in the mirror, go with a safer choice. And never, ever come to work with unpolished, scuffed shoes!

5. Give yourself the breath test before every meeting, interview and after lunch. You never know when your superior will call you in for a sitdown or if you’ll have to take a meeting with someone off the premises. Keep mints on standby, or you can even store a toothbrush and travel size mouthwash at your desk, so that your breath maintains its freshness throughout the day!