GrpFit is a Fitness Platform for the Black Community

GrpFit is a Fitness Platform for the Black Community

Need a place to discover new workouts? GrpFit’s got you. The fitness platform is currently available on iOS and Android. According to the site, it provides a safe and encouraging platform for people of all fitness levels to learn, share, motivate, and inspire each other to become healthier without the misconceptions and gimmicks.

The platform consists of a Fitness Feed where users can share their fitness journeys with the community and watch and support one and other. Additionally, each user serves as the others inspiration and motivation to stay in shape. You can explore workouts to add to your routine and the app features consistent posts for those who are seeking motivation from their peers.

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Additionally, if you are interested in deeper insight, you can also read articles on the GrpFit Blog to stay educated on health issues in the black community and other fitness-related topics.

The company has partnered with 21Ninety to create the 21-Day challenge, led by certified health coach Ariel Belgrave, founder of Gym Hooky. The goal of this partnership is to create a community that lives in multiple spaces.

“I’ll be teaching members how to live a healthy lifestyle for 2018 and beyond, second, how to make health and fitness an organic part of your life and third, adding some fun to your fitness so it doesn’t feel like so much of a daily task,” stated Belgrave.

In addition to the workouts, the group will be provided with live weekly workout & meal prep workshops led by GrpFit Co-Founder
and Fitness/Nutrition Expert, Rich Bailey.

The app’s core team currently consists of founders Bailey, CEO and Chris Ketant, CTO. They are based in Los Angeles and although small, they are currently making it happen.