The ‘Secret To A Happy Wife Is Money,’ According To Gucci Mane

As we get older and make life plans, happiness and money are typically at the top of our needs and wants, particularly when it comes to the union of two people. We all seek advice on how to make a marriage last, and rapper Gucci Mane has disclosed his wisdom on how to keep his wife, Keyshia Ka’Oir, happy.

In a recent video clip, Gucci was asked, “How do you keep a happy wife?” Without missing a beat, he replied that it’s all about the money.

He expressed that he and his wife have two incomes and that his wife is also “rich as hell.”

“But I feel like, for me, it’s just a personal thing. I would have never gotten married if I wasn’t financially well off. Since I was little, I wanted to be rich, and I wanted to be married.”

The recording artist then insinuated that love doesn’t factor into his wanting to get married, and he stated that he didn’t want to be broke and married.

“If you ain’t got no money, why would you even want to be married? I would never want to be broke and married. He continued, “You want to be in love, but if you don’t got no money, what you gonna pay the bills with?”

When questioned about the type of gifts he and his wife exchange, he said, “It ain’t even about expensive; it’s about being happy.” He doubled down on how one can’t be happy and married without money and reiterated he wouldn’t be happy if he didn’t have the money, and the worries of having no money would be too stressful for him.

“How you gonna be happy if you worry about all these things? How are you gonna be happy with somebody? I wouldn’t be happy.”

“Happy wife, happy life” is the age-old saying, and it seems Gucci Mane may have perfectly mastered it for his union.