Gwinnett County Students Are Facing Racially Motivated Charges For Assault

Gwinnett County Students Are Facing Racially Motivated Charges For Assault

A group of middle school students in Gwinnett County, Georgia, reportedly face racially motivated charges for an alleged assault against a young girl. 

According to WSB–TV, the students in question called one of their classmates a ni**er before hitting the student with a belt.

A teacher who reportedly witnessed the incident failed to immediately report it to school officials. Therefore, the girl had to sit in class with the students who allegedly assaulted her, the alleged victim’s parents told the outlet. Parents confronted the school the following day, and school officials claimed they did not know about the incident, according to WSB-TV. 

The principal of Radloff Middle School, where the alleged incident occurred, called it despicable before suspending the students. 

“She was sitting with a Hispanic child, and the other Hispanic child approached them and said, ‘How much for your monkey?’ the father of the alleged assault victim said to WSB-TV. “And the child responded, ‘$450.’ And so the main child said alright, looked at my daughter, and said, ‘Alright, I own you now, ni**er. Do my homework, slave.’ My daughter refused, and that’s when the child asked the other child to remove his belt, and he gave her some lashings. And that’s when the teacher initially said, ‘Alright, you boys, leave her alone.’” 

The alleged victim’s father told WSB-TV he is satisfied with the students’ suspension and criminal charges. However, the father, who has not been named, fails to understand why the teacher did not report the alleged assault. 

“There’s no safe place. There should be several options for kids in that type of situation where they can walk out immediately, go to someone immediately, have something done immediately,” the alleged victim’s father said to the news outlet.

The teacher in question is now under investigation by Gwinnett County School District.