Gym Creep: Female Bodybuilder Kicks Butt of Attacker During Workout at Apartment Complex Gym

Gym Creep: Female Bodybuilder Kicks Butt of Attacker During Workout at Apartment Complex Gym

A man in Tampa, FL learned the hard way not to mess with women.

Fox 10 reported that Nashali Alma was in the middle of a late-night workout session at her apartment complex gym when she noticed a neighbor, Xavier Thomas-Jones, trying to come in. Alma didn’t think anything of it, since she had seen him at the gym before, so she let him in.

“Usually, people forget their key tags and fobs. We do let them in and so I let the gentleman in,” Alma told WTFS Tampa Bay.

‘”I didn’t think twice about letting him in. I was in the middle of my workout.”

The 24-year-old was lifting weights when Thomas-Jones approached her and tried to grab her by the waist. She began to yell and fight him off, but he chased her around the gym, pinning her to the ground.

Gym surveillance caught Alma putting up a good fight and not backing down. Alma said she wasn’t even worried about it. “When it was happening, I actually had no fear,” Alma said. “I am a bodybuilder, and I’m actually pretty strong, so in my mind, he was kinda equal to me.” Growing tired of her, eventually, his grip loosened and Alma was about to run out of the gym and call 911.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister called the attack “disgusting” but was grateful Alma knew how to protect herself. “I was disgusted by the suspect’s actions, how he preyed on this young woman,” Chronister said.

The attacks didn’t stop with Alma.

The next day, according to Fox 10, deputies claim he watched another woman on her balcony “for several minutes” before knocking on her front door. The unidentified woman opened the door thinking he was a maintenance man. “He comes and knocks on the door and I answer thinking it could be a custodial man or something like that and I open the door and he’s like do you want to hang out?” said the woman, WTFS reported.

Thankfully, the woman’s fiancé was home and chased him away, while recording him. Thomas-Jones was later arrested and charged with sexual battery, false imprisonment, burglary, and kidnappings. He admitted to attacking Alma with the intent to have sex with her. As for the second victim, the assailant told deputies he thought the victim was “pretty,” and had sexual intentions with her as well.