Harding Brews Success At Anheuser — Busch

Michael S. Harding will be brewing a new formula for revenue and market share growth at Anheuser — Busch. With his recent appointment as president and CEO of theAnheuser — Busch Packaging Group, the beverage maker’s $2.4 billion subsidiary, Harding becomes the company’s highest ranking African American executive. He will oversee five business units, 15 facilities, and more than 2,300 employees throughout the country. Harding was previously vice president of operations at Anheuser — Busch Inc.

The Packaging Group, a mammoth division, comprises five business units: Metal Container Corp., a can and lid manufacturing operation; Anheuser — Busch Recycling Corp., the nation’s largest aluminum recycler; Eagle Packaging Inc., a bottle cap producer; Longhorn Glass Corp., a bottle maker; and Precision Printing and Packaging Inc., a label manufacturer. Harding’s division is vital to Anheuser — Busch’s profitability since it provides significant operating efficiencies, cost savings, and quality assurance to the corporation.

Part of Harding’s strategic focus will be to develop initiatives that will keep Anheuser — Busch the industry leader in innovative package design. “We provide novel and stylish packaging that speaks to consumer interests, such as sports; focuses on a particular theme, such as holidays; or reflects their popular self — image,” he says. “Right now I think we may have the best container combination in the country. I want to make sure we are relevant as packaging technologies and consumers’ tastes change.”