Harlem’s Fashion Row Uplifts Diverse Designers With ICON360

Harlem's Fashion Row's nonprofit ICON360 is launching a grant problem for Caribbean designers in addition to its latest HBCU scholarships.

ICON360, a nonprofit founded by Harlem’s Fashion Row, is doing its part to support diverse designers. The organization is launching a grant program benefitting Caribbean fashion creatives and partnering with Nordstrom for a new HBCU scholarship. 

One Caribbean designer will get their chance to further promote their work and artistry through ICON360’s “One Love” fashion grant. In partnership with Paramount Pictures, the program will exclusively support designers from this background, paying tribute to the production company’s latest film, Bob Marley: One Love. The movie, a biopic on the life and art of the famed Jamaican musician, will celebrate those of Caribbean descent by providing an opportunity for their fashions to be showcased on a grander scale. 

For aspiring designers earning their stripes at HBCUs, another opportunity has been spearheaded by ICON360 and Nordstrom. The 360 Fashion Scholarship seeks to combat the obstacles that limit the careers of fashion enthusiasts and creatives. The scholarship will be allocated to five students, each receiving monetary allotments ranging from $5,000 to $2,500. 

Students will receive financial support and a one-on-one mentorship opportunity with diverse retail fashion professionals. This additional facet will bridge the gap in accessibility within the fashion world, with recipients gathering invaluable insight and portfolio reviews from those already accomplished in their field. Brandeis Daniel, founder and CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row and its nonprofit branch, released a statement via the organization’s website. 

“As the founder and CEO of HFR, I know firsthand the barriers in our industry. ICON360 is excited to partner with Nordstrom to provide more pathways for the next generation of Black designers and HBCU fashion students,” expressed Daniel in a statement obtained by BET News

Harlem’s Fashion Row and ICON360 continue their mission to support Black designers and provide ample recognition for their efforts and creativity within the industry. For those eager for either or both opportunities, the Caribbean designer’s grant is exclusive to those of that ethnic background who have been in business for two or more years—applications close on Feb. 1, with a winner to be announced during New York Fashion Week. Regarding the HBCU scholarship, students must be U.S. residents in their sophomore or junior year of study, majoring in a fashion-related discipline. The application deadline is March 15.