HBCU Notebooks Launch For Students And Alumni To Show Pride

Black woman author, B.M. Hardin, has found a new way for those who attend or graduated from illustrious HBCUs nationwide to pay homage to their schools. Her newly released HBCU notebooks are for the Black writers who want to show pride for their alma maters.

The new line features composition notebooks with a twist, focusing on the HBCU student experience. There are five themes, but all celebrate attending historically Black institutions.

Of her decision to create the line of notebooks, Hardin shared that her passion for developing another form of paraphernalia for students was a big factor, according to The Baltimore Times.

“I’m a Black woman and I love all things Black,” expressed the writer. “I wanted to create something for current Black college students, alumni, and future HBCU students. Representation matters!”

However, notebooks are not the only products under Hardin’s belt that she hopes to create for the Black community. The seasoned ghostwriter is also developing a line of coloring books and other journals to spearhead a cultural shift in the print industry that markets toward Black people.

“The why is simple for me,” shared Hardin. “Black people are thriving, and we deserve to see our faces on any and everything that matters. I intend to make sure this generation, and the generations to come, are able to look at journals, coloring books, and books and see people who look like them.”

She wants to combat the representation gap in publishing for Black writers and creators by creating outlets through her own means to make products with Black faces on the cover. Her wide range of books and journals is to promote inclusivity and self-love for her target demographic, and the first drop of HBCU notebooks is available now for purchase.