This Healthcare Entrepreneur Overcame a Speech Impediment and Created An Earphone System For Musicians

This Healthcare Entrepreneur Overcame a Speech Impediment and Created An Earphone System For Musicians

You can count on Dr. J! Drake does.

From an audiologist and entrepreneur to a TV personality, Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford is an architect in the healthcare industry. Her ambitious efforts in promoting hearing loss awareness, advocating for musicians’ health, and empowering women to better health, are a testament to her journey.

Joseph-Ford suffered from hearing and communication difficulties at an early age, Afrotech reports. She was a target for bullying because of her speech impediment. To communicate better, she joined the sign language ministry at her church.

“We worked with people who are hearing impaired,” Joseph-Ford said, per

“And I just kept saying, ‘You know, I love working in this community, I love being able to make an impact on this community.’ And that’s what made me say, I want to be a doctor for those who are hearing impaired.”

Now, her resilience is building an enterprise that has helped artists like Drake and the musical group Tank and the Bangas using her audio/in-ear system.

For Drake, the audiology expert said she “was able to help him out with his in-ear monitors, and create the custom molds for them” after discovering that “it was the ear monitoring systems that performers and musicians utilize whenever they’re doing performances on stage,” according to Afro Tech.

Joseph-Ford’s advocacy for musicians eventually led her to create Jrumz earlier this year. She wanted to address the variety of concerns consumers had about earphones and their quality.

“It is the mission of Jrumz Ear Wear to empower youth to choose careers in the arts and entrepreneurship and to support gender balance in the music industry,” according to the brand website.

This custom earphone brand boasts high performance, ten drivers earphone system created by audio experts for people who love and create music. They can also be worn for daily use and fitness and active lifestyles.

Joseph-Ford is also changing lives as founder and CEO of Joseph-Ford Enterprises, a global economic development firm that invests in real estate, small businesses, health, and technology. She also serves in the same capacity at her New Orleans-based High Level Speech & Hearing Center, where she specializes in speech therapy, hearing aids, and hearing conservation.