Healthy Eating: Trick Daddy Gets Candid With Nene Leakes About His Bedroom Pleasures

Trick Daddy let fans get to know him more than most would like.

During a recent episode of his show, I Got My Pots, the rapper opened up to his guest, Nene Leakes, about what he likes in the bedroom. Trick Daddy admitted to having his groceries checked out before eating them. According to Hollywood Unlocked, things got hot in the kitchen as the 48-year-old told Leakes how he treats a woman, alluding to spoiling his love interests in more ways than one. “I like to buy them stuff or eat their stuff,” he confessed. “I’m a Libra. I’m a pleaser. I like to make sure that they’re very much satisfied.”

Leakes needed more detail in classic Nene fashion, so the Love & Hip-Hop Miami star did just that. “I’m down with Eat A  B****Gang.’ I’m sure you’ve heard about that,” Trick Daddy explained. He then explained that he’s “not only the head club president but also a member.”

With Leakes shocked at his openness, the Miami-based rapper described how he “prepares” for a moment of passion. “I take sit-down baths. That’s why I don’t say bath. I say bathes,” he explained. “I make sure I’m very clean. And I make sure I’m right down there. I shave all these gray hairs off. You know.”

Twitter followers chimed in on the news, sharing their feelings about Trick Daddy’s candidness. One user was questioning why he would share that type of information.

Another user suggested the annulment may have you looking at people differently.

This isn’t the first time Trick Daddy let fans in on his sexual preferences. According to another source, Mr. “I’m A Thug” told the world he was into groceries in 2021.