Report: Legendary Quarterback Brett Favre Stole Millions From Poorest Mississippi Residents

Report: Legendary Quarterback Brett Favre Stole Millions From Poorest Mississippi Residents

NFL Hall of Famer, Brett Favre is in hot water after an investigation by a Mississippi newspaper reported that he stole millions from the poorest residents in his home state so his daughter’s college could build a new volleyball stadium.

Mississippi Today reported Farve used his relationship with Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and other state officials to use $8 million in welfare funds for himself; Prevacus, a pharmaceutical company; and the construction of a new volleyball court for the University of Southern Mississippi.

According to the investigation, between 2016 and 2018 the nonprofit Mississippi Community Education Center gave $5 million to the University of Southern Mississippi at Favre’s request to pay for a new volleyball court. Additionally, the nonprofit paid Favre more than $1 million to promote a program titled Families First.

Forbes reported that the money came from a federal welfare grant program administered by the state’s Department of Human Services. The former head of the department and the former head of the nonprofit have been charged with embezzlement and fraud.

Favre has not been charged with a crime at this point, but he’s received significant backlash. Front Office Sports reports brands Favre endorsed are separating themselves from the Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Additionally, the Hall of Famer’s former teammate, Sage Rosenfels, took a shot at him on Twitter.

However, it was Hall of Fame tight end and Undisputed host Shannon Sharpe who had the biggest response, calling out Favre’s actions as a player before this incident and the NFL‘s hypocrisy in the way it treated Favre and Hall of Famer wide receiver Terrell Owens when they entered the Hall of Fame.

“The problem that I have with this situation is you got to be a sorry (expletive) to steal from the lowest of the low,” Sharpe said.

Prevacus, a Florida-based pharmaceutical company working on a concussion treatment that Favre was a top investor in, reportedly received more than $2 million in stolen funds from the scheme. Text messages show Favre and Prevacus founder Jake Vanlandingham offered Bryant and the nonprofit director shares of his company—and the head of the Department of Human Services a new truck—for their help.

The uncovered messages also show Favre asking the group to help pay off a $1 million debt he owed to the University of Southern Mississippi for the volleyball court.

“Hey brother [his wife] Deanna and [I] still owe 1.1 million on Vball,” Favre allegedly texted to the former head of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, John Davis, according to Mississippi Today.

“Any chance you and Nancy can help with that? They don’t need it at the moment. You and Nancy stuck your neck out for me with Jake and Prevacus I know and that’s going to turn out very good I believe.”

Favre, Bryant, and Vanlandingham have all denied a litany of accusations related to the scheme. According to Mississippi Today, $70 million was misspent during the scheme.