Here’s What $100 Can Do for Your Career

Here’s What $100 Can Do for Your Career

If you’re currently in the job market and you have $100 to spare, you could potentially be closer to securing your next position than you know. There are resources out there that are nearly guaranteeing you meaningful employment if only you’re willing to pay the price.

Check out what a mere $100 may be able to do for your career below:

LinkedIn Premium membership

LinkedIn Premium grants job-seekers exclusive access to recruiters via direct messaging, you gain access to intel on who’s viewed your profile, you see how you stack up against other candidates, and you become a featured applicant, which moves you to the top of recruiters’ applicant list.

In addition to this exclusivity, you also have access to online video courses with LinkedIn Learning. Taking advantages of these courses can help you to acquire new skills, thus making you all the more marketable to potential employers.

Cost: $29.99

Remainder: $60.00

The good news is that this membership fee doesn’t have to be deducted from your $100 just yet. You can enjoy a 30-day free trial before making any monetary commitments. Get your next gig in 30 days and that’s $30 saved.

Website hosting and Domain

Don’t sleep on the power of personal branding. Having your own website that showcases your work can be the leg up you need to secure your position. Your website may offer insight on your skills, personality, expertise, and creativity that your résumé can’t. Recruiters are searching all information pertaining to you online to see if you’re the right fit. Your website is your place to shine and prove that you are.

Domain: $12.99/year

Hosting: FREE (potentially)

Remainder: $57.00

Résumé Doctors

Here is where the bulk of your $100 may likely be spent. Many good résumé doctors will edit, tailor, format, and optimize your résumé for the job you want and some even offer money-back guarantees if you haven’t found success or have at least been called into interviews in as little as two months after receiving services.

Cost: $50+

Remainder: $7.00

Treat Yourself

You’ve invested in your future and that, in itself, deserves a treat. Use your remaining $7 as you so choose. As a suggestion, these funds can be used to invest in a professional résumé folder. You’re going to be getting interview calls soon, no need to show up with a worn, paper folder when you can find a professional portfolio at a reasonable price. It’s your treat, though, so feel free to use it how you see fit.

Cost: $7.00

Remainder: :)

Spending $100 now can pay off tenfold later. Suffice it to say, it’s totally worth it. Invest.