Hey You, Stop Bullying Yourself!

Are you the victim of self-denigration? 

The impact of bullying and now cyberbullying has been getting a ton of media attention for many years. And bullying prevention and anti-bullying enforcement have become extremely important in our society and mainstream across schools and businesses.

Yet, most visionaries and entrepreneurs are constantly bullied and no one says a thing about it. And that’s because most of the bullying is self-inflicted! That’s right, most visionaries and entrepreneurs spend a great deal of their time bullying themselves, and the result ends up being them holding themselves back and convincing others that they should be held back.

So here are three steps to stop your self-imposed bullying:

  1. Figure out what is the terrible story you’ve been telling yourself over and over.  For clues, listen to the things you are thinking, listen to the things you are saying, consider working with a life coach to reflect some of those things back to you, look at your own cyberbullying and see what you’ve posted about yourself.
  2. Stop telling that story. Once you stop telling that story, it is going to create a huge void. That void will need to be filled with a new story. So create a new, empowering story that is aligned to your goals and visions.
  3. Now the cleanup begins. You have to clean things up with yourself and others. With yourself, you have to convince yourself that the old story no longer exists and the new one is the real story, and you have to do the same with others. Remember, you were the one that convinced them otherwise in the past, so now you have to do the cleanup work and get them to be on board with the new story.

At the end of the day – STOP BULLYING YOURSELF!

About Jason Dukes

Jason Dukes is a Business Success Coach and Founder of Captain’s Chair Coaching

Jason Dukes is a business success coach and founder and CEO of Captain’s Chair Coaching. He is also the creator of the audio series “Give Your Gift to the World–Tools to Live Your Better-than-Ideal Life” available on Amazon.com. In addition to being a contributor to BlackEnterprise.com, he is also a frequent contributor to other media such as American Business Journals Media Group publications as well as Forbes.com. Dukes is a quoted expert on career topics in Monster.com, Learnvest.com, NextAvenue.org, SmartHustle.com, SmallBizDaily.com and The Network Journal among others. As an international public speaker, he has spoken at many conferences including the AgileIndy Conference and the We Are Bravehearts Men’s Retreat in Bermuda. He also leads a monthly networking consortium in NJ titled, “Vision Filled North Jersey — Entrepreneurs and Visionaries.”

Dukes has led teams at NASCAR, served as drag racing manager at Gateway International Raceway, and has consulted for Pirelli World Challenge. He also has served on the Passaic (New Jersey) Zoning Board, served as a public school educator and the Passaic Board of Education. Dukes is a graduate of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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