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Beloved High School Teacher Killed In Apparent Murder-Suicide

Philadelphia high school teacher Ondria Glaze was just 36 when she was killed.

A loved and respected high school teacher was allegedly shot and killed by a man in an apparent murder-suicide. Philadelphia high school teacher Ondria Glaze was just 36 when she died.

According to People, the Philadelphia Police Department said Glaze was allegedly shot once in the face by 42-year-old Richard Harper before he turned the gun on himself. He was found dead soon after, on May 6, inside a Grays Ferry neighborhood home with a single gunshot wound to his head.

Although police have not revealed the relationship between Glaze and Harper, Glaze was a teacher at Philadelphia’s Olney High School. She was beloved, according to family and friends. Olney High School Principal Michael Roth wrote a heartfelt letter to the Philadelphia school community following the confirmation of her death.

Roth began his letter, “At Olney, we have a statement, ‘Olney Love.’ Ms. Glaze could truly be defined as ‘Olney Love.’ She embodied this mantra and blessed every student and staff member she came across.”

The high school opened a GoFundMe account to raise money for a scholarship to be started in Glaze’s name and memory.

The GoFundMe description reads: “This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior each year, helping them pursue their dreams and continue the positive impact that Ms. Glaze had on all of us. The funds raised will go into a trust that will ensure this scholarship can be given for years to come.”

The GoFundMe has raised nearly $20,000 in the name of a teacher who had given over a decade to the school system. 

The president of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Jerry T. Jordan, also paid his respects to Glaze. 

He said, “Ms. Glaze was ‘the brightest light’ according to a colleague, who described Ms. Glaz, saying, ‘She made everyone feel like she was their favorite person in the world.’ This is an incredibly tragic loss for the entire Olney High School community and all of Ms. Glaze’s loved ones.”

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