Holiday Treasures

1. Eco-friendly Essential
Stylish and environmentally chic, the A2B Metro e-bike by HeroEco ( provides a smooth and technologically advanced ride powering up to 20 mph–as fast as one can cruise without a license. Offering the option of alternating between the pedals and the motor, this urban wheeler offers a 500-watt electric motor, power-on-demand acceleration, 3-inch-wide tires that have puncture protection, and front and rear lights for nighttime riding. $3,099

2. A Musical History and 3. A Classic Collection
Formed in 1887, Columbia Records introduced the world to a variety of singers across genres. 360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story (Chronicle Books; $45) by Sean Wilentz provides an illustrative history of the recording business, race relations, and the legendary talents Columbia recorded.

The 25th Anniversary of Graceland box set ( honors Paul Simon’s controversial, but much-celebrated collaboration with musicians from South Africa. The set comprises two CDs, a deluxe book, notes, lyrics, and two DVDs: the original 1987 “African Concert” and the documentary film Under African Skies. $106

4. Light Up
The right tools make cigar smoking an art: ST Dupont Black Chinese Lacquer with Yellow Gold Finishes: $1,300; ST Dupont Ligne 1 Yellow Gold Diamond Head Lighter: $825; Davidoff 5 Robusto Cigar Case in Havana Leather Finish: $209; Davidoff Double Guillotine Cutter in White Gold Plate and Diamonds: $5,000 (

5. Touch for Taste
With 3,500 interactive recipes from 100 acclaimed chefs, a Web browser, and personalization and friend-sharing options, the unique, kitchen-proof la tablette QOOQ ( from France is the first touch tablet for aspiring chefs. $399

6. House Call
Fashioned after a doctor’s satchel, the Bombay Bar Bag is complete with bar tools such as a Boston shaker, Japanese bar spoon, bird’s nest strainer, muddler, ice pick, squeezer, and more. Perfect for the on-the-go party planner. $495