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Homeless Man Featured In Viral TikTok Video Has A Violent Past

Victim claims the man in viral TikTok video assaulted her in 2020.

A homeless man who was featured in a heartwarming TikTok video allegedly has a history of violence, according to a report.

The TikTok video showed Sanai Graden walking by a man who asked her for a hot cup of tea. In a series of now-deleted videos, the college student spent the day with the man she affectionately called “Unc.” Graden purchased medicine and paid for a hotel room for “Unc,” whose real name is Alonzo Hebron. 

Graden created a GoFundMe campaign asking her followers to help support the homeless man, who is battling prostate cancer. The heartwarming video helped to garner over $400,000 in donations.

Days after the viral video was posted, Fox 5 released a report chronicling Hebron’s violent past. According to a police report, Hebron assaulted a homeless woman as she slept outside a Washington, D.C. church. Surveillance video shows Hebron placing a scarf over the sleeping woman’s head and punching her head and body repeatedly. 

The victim, who asked to remain anonymous, said she woke up in the hospital and didn’t remember what happened to her.

“I’m speechless,” she told Fox 5 News. “I do not understand how a human being can act like this. He’s a sociopath. He does not have a sense of remorse.”

According to the victim, Hebron has a reputation for being violent within the homeless community. 

In another incident, according to the U.S. District Attorney, Hebron was sentenced to five years in prison in 2012 after allegedly stabbing a man in the neck with a screwdriver. 

Despite what the victim endured at Hebron’s hands, she said she supported Graden for her act of kindness.

“First of all – kudos to the woman who did this. She meant well, and I do applaud her for that,” she said. 

As of today, the GoFundMe campaign created for Hebron remains active.