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Houston Restaurant Cook Accused of Putting Private Parts On Food

The 27-year-old Houston man was also found in possession of child pornography.

Othello Larenzo Holmes, a 27-year-old Houston restaurant employee, has been accused of contaminating open food items with his genitals at a Harris County restaurant and possessing several videos of child pornography on his phone. 

According to court documents, Holmes was charged with five counts of possession of child pornography and indecent assault after an April 4 investigation. 

Evidence and accounts of what happened surfaced when a Harris County deputy traveled to the downtown restaurant, which was not identified, to meet with the manager, who displayed a video to the deputy of Holmes sticking his penis into several open food items. 

Holmes confessed to placing his penis in jelly, explaining that “he had a sexual urge, however, he stopped himself before he ejaculated.” He also admitted that he “has a problem with these sexual urges and needs help.”

The manager at Kulture Restaurant told outlets that Holmes had been a cook there for several months before leaving. The indecent assault charges allowed for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office Digital Forensic Unit to analyze his cell phone.

As reported in the compiled evidence, investigators found over 100 images and five different videos of child pornography, as well as records that showed Holmes partaking in the creation of the exploitative videos. One showed Holmes “fondling his genitals while lying near an unidentified child, who appears to be under 6 years old.”

Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen told KPRC, “We kept investigating this person. And, boy, I’m glad we did, because we got a subpoena for his phone, and we found some horrible things on his phone. We found child pornography, and we are fearful that he potentially may have and at some point, molested young children.” 

“I can tell y’all this individual is a predator. It is, and I don’t say that lightly. I want to make it clear that the restaurant was very proactive with law enforcement,” Rosen said.