Houston’s Turkey Leg Hut Accused of Having Anti-Black Dress Code

Houston’s Turkey Leg Hut Accused of Having Anti-Black Dress Code

Houston’s popular Turkey Leg Hut has been under fire on Black Twitter over its new dress code.

The soul food restaurant became somewhat of a staple among young party-goers for serving up delectable dishes, tasty cocktails, desserts, while they enjoy hit music and hookah services. But on Friday, Turkey Leg Hut was trending for all the wrong reasons after the public learned of the eatery’s new dress code policy.

Those now looking to attend the Third Ward-based restaurant will have to adhere to the new guidelines the establishment says are necessary to ensure all customers and staff are dressed appropriately, Click 2 Houston reported.

Owner Nakia Price said the new policy came from other patrons who complained about how some of the other guests were dressed.

“Unfortunately, due to the attire of some guests, we were forced to put this new policy in place as we remain committed to ensuring all guests are comfortable while visiting us,” Turkey Leg Hut announced on Instagram.

“We are not a club. We are a family-friendly restaurant and will continue to maintain our standards as we welcome everyone to the Turkey Leg Hut.”

After making the announcement, the Turkey Leg Hut became a trending topic with Black Twitter making a mockery of the new dress code policy, The Houston Chronicle reported. Some even accused the dress code of being “anti-Black.”

“Who tf getting all the way cute to go to the turkey leg hut?” one Twitter user Wrote. “This anti black as hell.”

But the restaurant stood firm in their decision and even got in on the fun by reposting one of the hilarious memes to their Instagram page.

Despite the jokes, the message is clear, in that attendees need to put on their Sunday’s best in order to enjoy the Hut’s services.